The anticipation is in full swing, the countdown of months has now become a countdown of weeks, and soon to be, days. The preparation and planning was immense. You’ve planned every aspect of your dream wedding, down to the most minute of detail, and as your big day draws ever closer, just one last job remains to be done – get active, get exercising and shed a few pounds before the celebrations commence. But have you left it too late?

As an experienced coach, I’ve worked with countless brides and grooms-to-be over the years, and one common scenario reappears year after year; a severe lack of planning and realistic goal setting in terms of shedding some weight and/or body fat in the lead up to the wedding. Maybe it’s a result of being overwhelmed with booking the perfect venue or booking your favourite band, the excitement around the groom’s stag or the bride’s hen or the stress attached to guest list’s and seating plans. Regardless of the reason, arguably the most important element of all the organising and all the planning is commonly overlooked, that being, time management when it comes to losing weight and toning up.

Looking good and feeling good is paramount to any couple on their big day. You two are the centre of attention from start to finish. Photographs, selfies, the cutting of the cake, the first dance… all eyes are on you! Therefore, naturally, you want to look your very best and inevitably feel your very best. However, losing weight and dropping body fat, healthily, takes time. Investing in a coach, getting stuck into some training and improving your eating habits 3-4 weeks out from the big day can, more times than not, be too late and add unwelcome stress to what is already a very stressful and chaotic chapter in your life. Such a situation, however, is easily avoidable.

Allow 10-12 weeks from your wedding day to begin you’re health and fitness kick! It’s incredibly simple but this approach will give you the jump-start you may need. The earlier you make contact with a coach and implement your new training regime and healthy eating, the better. This way, you can actually focus on all the good you’re doing for your body instead of trying to reach an unrealistic goal which may be unattainable, adding to all-ready high stress levels. It also allows room to enjoy certain milestones in the run up to your wedding, guilt-free; i.e. Hen party/stag party, food tasting, celebrations with friends/family home from abroad etc. Once you have an appropriate and realistic goal in mind, be prepared to do the required amount of work in the allocated time frame.

You’ve planned every aspect of your big day emphatically; treat the planning of your new pre-marital fitness kick in the exact same manner! Time management is vital. Setting realistic physique/body weight goals are the key. Investing in an experienced, approachable and knowledgeable coach is crucial. Contact Jerry Lynch Personal Training Centre today to discuss the most suitable, effective and efficient approaches for you to reach your goals before walking down the aisle. Experience genuine one to one coaching in a private and confidential, yet friendly and welcoming environment at Jerry Lynch Personal Training Centre. Also, avail of our highly recommended online coaching and nutrition packages, whereby we work together to create a suitable nutrition plan that is sustainable, enjoyable and suitable to your individual requirements, schedule and routine.

Here are my top 10 tips to help you get started on your journey and tone up for your big day!

  1. Get a jump-start! Get moving and eating well ASAP!
  2. Be realistic. Setting unrealistic goals is setting yourself up to fail.
  3. Seek professional advice and assistance. Don’t guess, estimate or believe everything you read online.
  4. Adjust your eating habits. Eat smaller portions, more regularly.
  5.  Keep hydrated. 2+ litres may seem a lot, but for most it’s a minimum requirement to stay properly hydrated. 0.5-1 litre is usually not enough.
  6. Set small goals. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Small achievements regularly will keep you highly motivated.
  7. Create a visual diary. Take progress photos every week to two weeks.
  8. Take the reading on the scales with a pinch of salt, it tells only one very select aspect of your overall progress.
  9. Be positive and stay positive. In terms of motivation, your wedding day is the pinnacle. Put that drive to good use and give it 110%
  10. Have fun and enjoy the process. Invite your partner/bridesmaids/groomsmen to get involved.

Wishing you all a massive congratulations on your engagement and a lifetime of good health and happiness together!