Not all progress can be shared and portrayed visually on social media. Visual progress most often get’s the most attention and applause which is understandable, but equally a great shame because progress is achieved in many forms through many different means for many different people.

Recognition of effort and achievement is often overlooked and discounted just because it can’t be seen and isn’t portrayed by an attention grabbing image of comparison. Furthermore, progress and achievement that cannot be physically seen are equally as relevant, as personal, as impressive and unquestionably as important as any and we need to be mindful, to be present, to be aware, and to be actively supporting those around us pursuing and progressing with their own personal goals, also.

Perspective plays a vital role here. We need to slightly switch our perspective from solely applauding the “amount of change/progress” made to recognising and applauding the “amount of effort” put in consistently during the process and the bravery and courage it takes just, solely, to begin! For all the attention, recognition and applause we dish out for physical transformation and physical progress, imagine the positive impact the same levels of support and recognition would have on people battling through and working on the folllwing:

Guilt-free eating

Caring less about the opinions of others

Feeling less intimidated in public

Adapting to change in routine

Personal relationship issues

Returning to work/exercise while grieving

Improving and gaining confidence

Improving and gaining strength

Guilt-free socialising (Covid permitting! 🤪)


Accepting and understanding any figure on the scales

Parenting for the first time (or 2nd, or 3rd…)

Beginning councilling/opening up to someone

Holding yourself accountable

Seeking help for any type of issue

A nugget of encouragement and support mid process is far more impactful than that received after one is complete. Remember that. 🤘💯

Stay safe ❤🖤

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