Every single interaction count’s between a coach and client. The same applies for colleague’s. Only two options come into play for every single interaction you have, every time you cross paths with some one – a positive outcome or a negative outcome. Every single time. Building trust and worthwhile professional relationship’s (any relationship for that matter) takes time and effort. You have the ability to create more connection’s, friendship’s and relationship’s by adopting one very clear approach: becoming more interested in people than you are in yourself.
Whether you’re aware or not, you have a professional relationship with every client, every colleague, you work with. As a team of 5, we always aim to know 2-3 personal fact’s about each and every client we work with. Not to be interpreted in any sort of an imposing or “creepy” way but simple factor’s like the name’s and profession’s of their partner’s and children – project’s they’re working on – pets, hobbies and interests etc. Importantly, we also allow adequate time for both ourselves and our client’s to become comfortable with each other before exploring and learning this information.
Success is fuelled heavily by building and creating trust and genuine relationship’s. You don’t need to audition them to be your new best friend, that’s not expected or required, but correctly align your intention’s – make it blatantly obvious that you actually genuinely care – that you sincerely give a sh*t about them – that you’re actually interested and really want the best for them. Surprising as it may be, this is, unfortunately, severely lacking in our industry. If nothing else, they’re money is paying your bill’s – respect that!!
“…They don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care!”