– Lockdown is not a weight loss competition

– Lockdown is not a productivity competition

– Movement is vitally important. Don’t stress over gym closures or gym equipment, or lack of. You need ZERO equipment to squat, lunge, walk, run and jump. Keep moving.

– Social media is great. It’s also an absolute curse at times. If you need a break, take it. Delete some apps for a week, two weeks. Don’t worry, it’ll still be there when you login again and guess what, you’ll miss out on absolutely NOTHING.

– Communication and social interaction is our most under-utilised, under-appreciated ability as human beings.

– A text is great. But to check in with somebody effectively, ring or video-call to communicate.

– I’ve never taken who and what I have in my life for granted, ever. But I never realised how much I relied on them.

– Downtime and rest is OK. It can actually take some getting used to for some, but it’s not a negative if you slow down a little during this pandemic.

– Some individuals are excellent at being productive, sharing content and lifting spirits amidst this pamdemic. Encourage them, applaud them and interact with them.

– Others, with the best intentions, and through no fault of their own have reacted differently and have been quieter than usual possibly, a little lost at times and anxious. Be patient, understanding and supportive with them. They’re trying and doing what they can, just as much as everyone else.

– If you won the lotto in the morning, you could do close to nothing with your cash, if you could even collect it in the first place! Your health matters. It matters above all else. No money or possessions come close.

Mind yourselves, mind each other.
Stay safe! â¤ï¸ðŸ–¤


This is completely new territory for some, including myself, and can take time to adapt to. Be patient and allow yourself time to implement the relevant changes to your usual routine. Here’s what I’ve found helpful:

  1. Organisation and structure. If you have a regular routine, aim to follow it as best you can. Rise at the same time, shower and grab a nice coffee. Productivity is the aim of the game here. Usual/normal eating patterns and nutrition habits are highly encouraged. Avoid convenience food by prepping/cooking meals regularly, just like before. STAY HYDRTAED. And stay occupied and entertained also to avoid emotional eating. 🍴🧠
  2. Scheduling is important. Pencil in regular breaks based on your usual working day. Take the same approach for finishing times. If you usually finish at 5pm, then working from home finishes at 5pm and you log off till tomorrow. Fill your evenings with exercise, Netflix, reading and catching up with family and friends. Side-note: Choose one reliable media/source of information that you trust and avoid the rest. 💯
  3. Get enough fresh air/daylight. We are facing the possibility of a scenario where we are forced to remain within the four walls of our homes, complete isolation. Thankfully, that is not the case today. The most underutilised opportunity every one of us has, every single day, is to get outdoors and walk, breathe in some fresh air and clear our busy minds a little, even if just for 20/30 minutes daily. If you usually commute to work, and are working from home, use that commute time for your walk. Alternatively use your lunch breaks after you eat. Take the classic “Earphones in, World out!” approach and get some steps in outdoors. 🎧👌 Did I mention I have a podcast with 5 great episodes to choose from? 🤣
  4. Communication. Often and regularly. This doesn’t have to be in person, that’s what we must remember! We all love to catch up with friends, family and colleagues. We naturally love a catch-up, a gossip and a good laugh. We’ve never had so many options at our disposal to stay connected e.g. WhatsApp, Skype, FaceTime. Yes, social distancing is in place, but social interaction is vitally important to our wellbeing and mental health — Reach out, check in, communicate and have a good chat with those closest to you, just like before. 🙌

Tag your colleagues, anybody working from home, or in isolation who this might help! ❤️🖤 I’m sure they’ll thank you later for the few minutes of distraction! 🤣

And guys, if you need us, we are here for you! I can’t emphasise that enough and as I’ve mentioned to many of you privately, don’t be shy – PLEASE reach out if you need ANYTHING! ❤️🖤

Mind yourselves. Mind each other.

Stay safe! ❤️