A message to anybody suffering. I actually feel we all are to be honest, on different levels, different capacities, at different times, for different reasons. And so, a message to anybody. Everybody.

Dietary issues. Body image. Toxic partner’s. Toxic parent’s. Toxic peer’s. Finance. Grieving. Stress. Anxiety. Loneliness. Home-schooling. Homeworking.

This is a very tough and challenging time. And so, it’s absolutely OK if all you do is keep going. It’s absolutely OK to do far less when we have so much more to cope with, and overcome. We must take a more subtle, empathetic approach to regular, everyday issues, that in the past we previously may have felt guilt or disappointment towards. These set of circumstances are still alien to us. Yes we’ve been in Lockdown before, but we haven’t been in a third Lockdown in 12 months before – different circumstances require a different approach.

Checking in on those closest to us is important. Checking in on ourselves is vitally important. Some days working out, eating well and completing all your task’s is no problem to us. Some days getting up out of bed, or off the couch is more challenging and binge watching Netflix is as productive as we can manage. Both are perfectly OK in their own right. Both are perfectly OK and understandable right now.

If you feel like training twice a day and baking banana bread, while starting a podcast – go for it! But only if it makes you feel good and doesn’t add negatively to your headspace. Slow down and just do the minimum for a little while, if that makes more sense to you and is required. Both are perfectly OK and understandable right now.

Bad habits may creep in. Moodswings are likely. Your headspace will seesaw from peaceful and tranquil to chaotic and muddled. Support yourself in the same way you’d support your loved ones. Be empathetic, sympathetic and compassionate to yourself. You’re doing a great job! 😊

Stay safe! ❤️🖤

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