The majority of us understand that social media represents an idealised version of people’s lives, but we still can’t help envying them. Comparison is inevitable.

Just like we are designed to find sugary/fatty foods satisfying, our bodies are wired to find discovering new information and social recognition appealing. Naturally, we are curious. In contrast however, we have some control over how much food and what types of food we eat, there is no such filter when it comes to social media and limit to educate us about how much is too much. As a result, by spending so much time on social media we overfeed ourselves with various negative emotions (pressure/anxiety/depression) we have no control over.

When you spend too much time on social media you can leave yourself open to anxiety, depression, reduced concentration and full of self-doubt and uncertainty. To maintain a healthy relationship with social media when you are online, here are two great tips:

  1. Limit your time online and never log-in when you’re already tired. When we are tired, the part of our brain responsible for self-control does not work. As a result, you cannot decide when to stop and how much time you are spending on social media.
  2. Be active (in the original sense of the word) – do not mindlessly scroll through your news-feed (heavily linked with feelings of depression), but instead actively comment and engage with people. Be social like you would if you were face to face with people, maintaining healthy social media habits.