Let’s rewind to pre-Covid-19 times for a second…
Life for most was very busy, chaotic at times. Your time and effort’s were in high demand from work and family commitments. Your office hours exceeding 9-5pm, your commute to/from work, social events at the weekend’s, the children’s classes and matches throughout the weekend. And, (hopefully) trying to include some exercise yourself in between all that lot. It was a stressful time, full of commotion, non-stop. You were pulled left, right and centre and naturally a seed of resent probably emerged. “You need to be here at this time… You have to do this… Don’t forget to collect that… That demand of your energy, attention, time and effort is draining.

Resentment often skews a person’s perspective. What I’ve found helpful during this ongoing pandemic, (to challenge my perspective and hopefully immerse with a more positive view) is to flip scenario’s on their head and without getting too deep into gratitude or comparison, just acknowledging and respecting that some “everyday task’s” for me, would be a complete privilage to other’s. You see, privilage is most often taken totally for granted. We feel our everyday task’s are sometimes a burden, an inconvenience, a trigger for stress, a chore.

Right now the world is commuting a little slower than normal, the “pause” button has been pressed. Our stressful, chaotic, energy draining, busy lives absolutely will return at some point but for now, embrace the less hectic lifestyle. You now have time to focus on side projects, home improvements, upskilling and study. You have time to acess and influence your child’s education yourself. You can try fitness classes, Yoga, Dance classes, Pilates, from the comfort of your own home. You can experiment with cooking and baking, art and music.

“If only I had the time…” Now is the time. Now is your opportunity. Embrace the circumstance and don’t live to regret not maximising the opportunity.

“Normal” for us all, will resume. Everything we miss will return, but with it will come the return of the chaos and hectic schedules but like I always say, there is opportunity in everything and a slight shift in perspective can turn a bad day into a good one.

Stay safe! ❤️🖤

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