In the very same way that we wouldn’t allow our phone or laptop batteries to drain and then expect them to be fully functional and work to their full capacities – (that doesn’t make sense!) – it’s the very same for your physical body and mental state – we must adopt a similar approach and belief with ourselves. Last year was a long and twisting road, and one we are still travelling. It’s very much OK to feel like you have ran out of fuel. It’s most likely, people around you share these exact feeling’s too.

Oftentimes, we are caught up in the ferocious fastlane of life, whilst still picking up the pieces and recovering from the previous year, allthewhile trying to balance the unrest of a curious mind fixated on the uncertainty of the future ahead. I’m confident I’m not alone here!

You don’t need to justify relaxing, recharging, self-care or down-time. It carries many titles but in essence it is simply the vital component of looking after yourself, in whatever form that might be, for you. “Whatever is good for your soul, do that!” Self-care & personal wellness are essential to our best and highest well-being. Set aside time for you, recharge and aim to break up the mundane of your regular life routine.

Here are way’s you can adopt to recharge:

1. Turn off your devices and be free from technology and social distraction for a specific period of time. Have a shut-down time at night also.

2. Certain herbal teas, candles & burning incense all promote a relaxing environment and atmosphere.

3. An interesting/inspiring podcast and/or book will distract your mind from your common stresses.

4. Fresh air & Movement. Exercise! The enjoyable & fun kind – whatever that means to you! Dopamine is very real and it has the ability to turn your foul, stressed, irritable mood into a positive one! 30 minutes daily.

5. Consider a temporary break from alcohol consumption and unhealthy food choices. Poor food choices will only enhance a muddled mind and can leave you feeling fatigued and irritable. Choose balanced and nutritious food’s. Even quantities, often is a nice template. Definitely hydrate. Plenty of water, regularly.

6. Reach out to those who raise your spirits and cheer you up. Communication is vital and a conversation with the right person is very often the best cure!

7. Sleep. Arguably the most under-rated of the lot. “Some sleep”, alone is OK. Adequate sleep (for you) is the difference. Your focus, concentration, patience and a general ability to tolerate day to day life are all strongly impacted by your quantity & quality of sleep. Work on improving both if necessary.

Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is… Recharge and Relax.

Stay safe! ❤️🖤
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