Some of my observations that I feel no book or college course can teach you. I’ve learned the following the hard way – by living it and experiencing it – never underestimate the unique lesson’s that experience teach us.

Above all, you are openly committing yourself to a life of vulnerability, one for which most people couldn’t handle or comprehend.

With that, you will be gossiped about, judged and criticised unfairly and possibly/probably made fun of, particularly at the beginning. You’ll learn of some of this, but will never know of the full extent.

The majority of people wont be able to truly relate to you, particularly if you struggle to switch off. This can and likely will put strains on friendships and relationships. Self employment will expose your flaws but also enhance’s, promote’s and educate’s you about your strengths.

Some people (inside and outside of your circle) will be quick to highlight your slip-up’s, mistake’s and failure’s, and slower to support and promote your service’s and business.

You won’t ever improve unless you learn to embrace constructive criticism from others’. Critic’s often want you to mess up and fail. Constructive critic’s want to help. A monumental difference in a person’s intention. Letting go of your ego will allow you tap into your full potential. The following approach works:

Understand their point of view.
Don’t be defensive.
Delay your reaction.
Admit your mistakes.

If you’re a start-up or self-employed, keep going!!

Stay safe! ❤️🖤

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