The Team




  • From: Ballincollig
  • Age: 30
  • Joined the team: May 2017
  • Favourite Training Session? Back / Pull
  • Favourite Cheat Meal? Eggs Benedict / Fresh fruit scone with jam (No joke!)
  • Top Places to visit on your Bucket List? Boston / South Africa / Miami / Vancouver
  • Biggest Role models? My Grandparents
  • Favourite/Current Netflix show? Making A Murderer / Unbelievable & Power
  • First purchase after winning the lotto? An apartment in every major city in the world

“As a coach, I invest as much in you as you in me. My approach to coaching is professional, positive and personal. I always focus heavily on the positive and reinforce good habits that I want to see repeated, with a long term approach in mind from the outset.


My approach to personal training allow us to work together to identify, establish and develop a suitable style of physical training and nutrition to enable you to maximise your progress and potential, as effectively and efficiently as possible. Each session is planned and tailored, accordingly, around you, the client.”





  • From: Dublin Hill. Cork City
  • Age: 28
  • Joined the team: July 2018
  • Favourite Training Session? Glutes, without a doubt!
  • Favourite Cheat Meal? Honestly? - Anything! - I LOVE food!!
  • Top Places to visit on your Bucket List? Vietnam / South East Asia / Jamaica / Canada
  • Biggest Role models? My Grandmother, no question. An absolute lady!
  • Favourite/Current Netflix show? Currently watching How I Met Your Mother (Re-runs)
  • First purchase after winning the lotto? A house in the sunshine and a Range Rover

“My job as your coach is to help, assist and educate you. My job is to help you realise your potential, encourage and enable you to identify the goals you once thought were out of your reach and coach you towards achieving those goals, and more, with every session; all the while educating you and supporting you every step of the way!


For me, personal training should be, exactly that – “personal” – with no two coaching sessions alike. I pride myself in my ability to ensure you reach your goals; one day at a time, one session at a time, one goal at a time!”  Your results are a reflection of your effort.




  • From: Dripsey
  • Age: 24
  • Joined the team: March 2018
  • Favourite Training Session? Total Body HIIT - High Intensity, against the clock!
  • Favourite Cheat Meal? Chips, Cheese & Garlic and plenty of it!
  • Top Places to visit on your Bucket List? St. Andrews in Scotland - "The Home of Golf"
  • Biggest Role models? Roy Keane/Tiger Woods for sure. Closer to home, family and friends who inspire me
  • Favourite/Current Netflix show? "The Staircase" - my first and only Netflix experience. Big Game of Thrones fan!
  • First purchase after winning the lotto? Dermot Bannon's services for my parents house and another winning lotto ticket for he overspends!!

“My aim as a coach is to provide you with the platform to enhance your health status, body composition and your physical and athletic ability. Taking a holistic approach to Personal Training, I will work with you to develop a knowledge and understanding of exercise.

By establishing realistic goals, identifying your strengths and understanding your weaknesses, we will be able to achieve your desired goals and outcomes. I believe in sustainability and individuality. No two people are the same, nor should be treated as such. My coaching is tailored according to you and your level of experience.”





  • From: Ballintemple
  • Age: 26
  • Joined the team: August 2019
  • Favourite Training Session? 110% Legs / Lower Body
  • Favourite Cheat Meal? Any Son Of a Bun Specials w/ Sweet potato fries & Banoffe Mess
  • Top Places to visit on your Bucket List? Tokyo
  • Biggest Role models? My parents
  • Favourite/Current Netflix show? It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Just class!
  • First purchase after winning the lotto? A TOP quality coffee machine - easily pleased, I know!

“My role as a personal trainer is not just to ensure you reach your goals but also to educate you. My primary goal is to make sure the time you spend with me on the gym floor is the most enjoyable half hour/hour of the day.


Progression is key. In this regard, I’ll ensure you will improve from week to week, with a smile on your face, learning as you go and, very importantly, having fun and enjoying the process. Small wins from week to week will eventually lead to larger victories over time, and I’ll guide and support you every step of the way!”





  • From: Carrigaline
  • Age: 20
  • Joined the team: January 2020
  • Favourite Training Session? Shoulders
  • Favourite Cheat Meal? Bunsen Burger & Ben & Jerry Phish Food
  • Top Places to visit on your Bucket list? LA & Iceland
  • Biggest Role models? Steve Jobs
  • Favourite/Current Netflix show? Stranger Things
  • First purchase after winning the lotto? A new windscreen wiper for my car!

“As a personal trainer, my primary aim is to make exercise easily accessible and more enjoyable for my clients, to ensure your training is structured and developed to suit your body composition and fitness goals. By working together we can identify, improve and strengthen any weak points with longevity and sustainability, the main focus and objectives of our efforts.

Knowledge is key, which is exactly what I strive to share with my clients. Understanding your own body and being educated about health and fitness will ensure you stay on track whilst at home, on holidays abroad, at all times, ensuring long term goals are much more achievable.””