1. Connection. Stay connected. Granted nothing is quite the same as meeting in person but we’ve never been more fortunate to have options and platforms easily accessible to us all, to communicate and connect. “Checking-in” has never ever been so important – with yourself and with others. Keep in touch, regularly.

2. Planning and organisation. Plan your week. Organise your day. Regular implemented routine promotes a sense of achievement, accomplishment and satisfaction. Even completing one task daily, outside your regular demands, enhances your mood, mindset & productivity. Stay busy, stay occupied.

3. Limit your media consumption, including social media. Our current situation is profoundly draining & mentally demanding without being constantly reminded, from every angle, across all platforms of media. Enforce a strict allowance and comply by it.

4. Stay active or get active! I cannot emphasise the importance & positive benefits that exercise, movement and fresh air will bring to your life. Include it in your daily/weekly routines. Please. 🤘

5. Explore and learn (more) about gratitude. Gratitude naturally carries a ripple affect of sorts. It shapes perspective & powerfully promotes positivity. It will encourage you and enable you to reset your thoughtframe & focus on the good. A well worth while experiment.

6. Do Not suffer in silence. Unfortunately framed as a sign of weakness, reaching out & just letting someone know you’re having a tough time is in fact a sign of sheer bravery, courage & strength. It’s nothing to by shy, shameful or embarrassed about. It’s 2021 for Christ sake. You also don’t need to meet some sort of criteria to qualify to be allowed ask for help or a chat. It doesn’t work like that. Just feeling fed up counts. Just feeling pissed off counts. Just feeling like you’ve had enough counts. Anger, frustration, pressure, sadness, loneliness, fear… They all count. What you must know is that someone around you wants to be the one you count on and turn too if you need support, they’re waiting should you need them, so use them. Never suffer alone.