Our Services

Our Services

Personal Training at Jerry Lynch Personal Training Centre


We provide our clients with a unique opportunity to exercise and workout in a completely private and confidential setting. Each coaching session consists of one client and one coach (with the exception of buddy training packages)


Think of your GP visit – in the exact same manner that you don’t share a GP appointment with another person, the same applies to Personal Training here with us, adding greatly to our clients’ privacy and confidentiality.


Our clients’ privacy is paramount to our service. We put strong emphasis on removing a client’s nerves and intimidation in a polite, friendly and welcoming manner, all the while coaching you to reach your goals as efficiently and effectively as possible.


       “The Personal Approach, to Personal Training!”


Personal Training (Package)
2 x 30 mins 2 x 60 mins 3 x 30 mins 3 x 60 mins
4 weeks €245 €430 €369 €650
8 Weeks €430 €720 €650 €1080

Meal Plan

  • See Nutrition package options below.

Training Plan

  • €40 (including two free adaptions)

Personal Training TRIAL (Once off session)

  • 30 minute session - €30
  • 60 minute session - €50
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Online Coaching/Nutrition Coaching

Our online coaching enables clients nationwide, and around the world to avail of our coaching services. Based completely online, through email and Skype communication, we coach you to reach your goals as efficiently and effectively as possible through detailed nutrition planning and exercise protocols. This service is offered in 4 and 8 week blocks and is suitable for everyone! Contact us today for more details.

4 weeks €200 8 Weeks €325

Photoshoot Prep

We offer Photoshoot Preparation in 12 and 16 week blocks. A photoshoot is an amazing goal to set and will challenge you mentally as well as physically. That said, client’s experience an incredible journey throughout the process and the results are remarkable and very satisfying. Check out Results at the top of this page for some examples of past photoshoot client’s of ours. We’d encourage clients considering a Photoshoot Prep package to contact us to arrange a brief consultation ahead of signing up.

12 Weeks €500 16 Weeks €600