Einstein said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” For many, this accurately describes the annual merry-go-round experience of setting NY’s resolutions in early January but ultimately losing momentum and interest by the middle of February as your efforts dwindle and rapidly fade away.

January is commonly oozing with enthusiasm, it’s wall to wall “positive vibes” and “fresh starts” on social media and the “New Year, New Me” brigade are in full swing 🙈 Motivation is high, and although all the above play their part and provide encouragement to some, why is it that every single year, by middle-late February efforts dwindle, we fall into a disheartening mindset, goals are abandoned and the annual cycle just repeats itself, again and again.

Maybe it’s because your approach and mentality are initially incorrect. Maybe your perspective is skewed. Perhaps a shift in focus and reshuffling your priorities can help. Here’s what I’d advise and suggest:

1. Forget perfection – it doesn’t exist. You cannot be perfect but you can be perfectly consistent. ANY goal is within your reach and abilities if you’re consistent. Don’t allow the impossible chase of perfection to interfere with your consistent effort. Consistency > Perfection.

2. Momentum has a much longer shelf life than motivation. You can become de-motivated just as quick as you can become motivated – it’s completely unreliable, long-term. Momentum attracts progress, but it must be earned. Momentum > Motivation.

3. Over thinking always delays starting. “Doing” is hugely productive. Thinking about, and planning what to do is massively unproductive, in comparison. By doing nothing, by not starting, you’ve failed. Just begin because as soon as you do, you propel from nothing to a work in progress. Action > Overthinking.

Often the most straight forward and simplistic tweaks can develop into the most monumental, effective strides forward. May 2021 be the year that you break the frustrating cycle of repetitive goal setting and reach and exceed your full potential. 🤘

Stay safe! ❤🖤