When performing an exercise, a key area of the entire movement, is the initiation, in it’s most simplistic term, what move’s first. The correct initiation of the exercise will determine and control how the rest of the movement look’s and feel’s.
Every exercise has an initiation. Become aware about what move’s first, before moving at all. This information can potentially completely transform how an exercise feel’s.
Once you’re confident in your initiation of an exercise, how you set yourself up and set the exercise itself up, the next stage is to safely and confidently perform the prescribed exercise through your controlled range of movement (ROM) feeling the desired stimulus in your targeted muscles.
The entire process of completing a specific movement or exercise, must be designed around you – your experience, your level of control and your ability to complete it. Adapting an approach that “the bar must touch your chest” for your bench press, or that “ass to grass” for your squat produces optimal result’s is nonsense.
The movement of the barbell, plates, dumbbells, kettlebells, cables… Arms, legs and hips go where you can control, and nowhere else. They should never move, outside of your control, ever.
Question everything. Can I move it, safely and confidently? Can I control it? Can I contract the target muscle and can I feel it?
Stay safe! ❤️🖤