Let’s rewind to pre-Covid-19 times for a second…
Life for most was very busy, chaotic at times. Your time and effort’s were in high demand from work and family commitments. Your office hours exceeding 9-5pm, your commute to/from work, social events at the weekend’s, the children’s classes and matches throughout the weekend. And, (hopefully) trying to include some exercise yourself in between all that lot. It was a stressful time, full of commotion, non-stop. You were pulled left, right and centre and naturally a seed of resent probably emerged. “You need to be here at this time… You have to do this… Don’t forget to collect that… That demand of your energy, attention, time and effort is draining.

Resentment often skews a person’s perspective. What I’ve found helpful during this ongoing pandemic, (to challenge my perspective and hopefully immerse with a more positive view) is to flip scenario’s on their head and without getting too deep into gratitude or comparison, just acknowledging and respecting that some “everyday task’s” for me, would be a complete privilage to other’s. You see, privilage is most often taken totally for granted. We feel our everyday task’s are sometimes a burden, an inconvenience, a trigger for stress, a chore.

Right now the world is commuting a little slower than normal, the “pause” button has been pressed. Our stressful, chaotic, energy draining, busy lives absolutely will return at some point but for now, embrace the less hectic lifestyle. You now have time to focus on side projects, home improvements, upskilling and study. You have time to acess and influence your child’s education yourself. You can try fitness classes, Yoga, Dance classes, Pilates, from the comfort of your own home. You can experiment with cooking and baking, art and music.

“If only I had the time…” Now is the time. Now is your opportunity. Embrace the circumstance and don’t live to regret not maximising the opportunity.

“Normal” for us all, will resume. Everything we miss will return, but with it will come the return of the chaos and hectic schedules but like I always say, there is opportunity in everything and a slight shift in perspective can turn a bad day into a good one.

Stay safe! â¤ï¸ðŸ–¤

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I’m not claiming to be the greatest coach but I do pride myself and my team on our indept understanding of coaching, our approach to helping others and our ability to achieve the very best for, and with, our clients. With an open-minded approach, we promote the fundamental’s and practice the basic’s. Considering a person’s situation, acknowledging their limit’s and initial boundaries, placing ourselves in their shoe’s, providing suitable solution’s for them, encouraging them, supporting them and unlocking their potential, (often of which they can’t identify themselves,) enhancing their lives’.

Expertise only comes with experience. Expertise is developed as a result of hour’s, week’s, month’s and year’s of repetition and continuous progression. Your reputation must be earned, it’s not a given. Nobody (long-term) remembers or recommends those who know a lot. They remember those who make a positive impact with what they do know.

As a team, our care for others is embedded deep within us. We understand, respect and appreciate the privilege that is a person trusting us and confiding in us. We often see more in them then they do themselves. We work very hard and we take immense pride in our profession and reputation.

Stay safe! ❤️🖤

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1. Connection. Stay connected. Granted nothing is quite the same as meeting in person but we’ve never been more fortunate to have options and platforms easily accessible to us all, to communicate and connect. “Checking-in” has never ever been so important – with yourself and with others. Keep in touch, regularly.

2. Planning and organisation. Plan your week. Organise your day. Regular implemented routine promotes a sense of achievement, accomplishment and satisfaction. Even completing one task daily, outside your regular demands, enhances your mood, mindset & productivity. Stay busy, stay occupied.

3. Limit your media consumption, including social media. Our current situation is profoundly draining & mentally demanding without being constantly reminded, from every angle, across all platforms of media. Enforce a strict allowance and comply by it.

4. Stay active or get active! I cannot emphasise the importance & positive benefits that exercise, movement and fresh air will bring to your life. Include it in your daily/weekly routines. Please. 🤘

5. Explore and learn (more) about gratitude. Gratitude naturally carries a ripple affect of sorts. It shapes perspective & powerfully promotes positivity. It will encourage you and enable you to reset your thoughtframe & focus on the good. A well worth while experiment.

6. Do Not suffer in silence. Unfortunately framed as a sign of weakness, reaching out & just letting someone know you’re having a tough time is in fact a sign of sheer bravery, courage & strength. It’s nothing to by shy, shameful or embarrassed about. It’s 2021 for Christ sake. You also don’t need to meet some sort of criteria to qualify to be allowed ask for help or a chat. It doesn’t work like that. Just feeling fed up counts. Just feeling pissed off counts. Just feeling like you’ve had enough counts. Anger, frustration, pressure, sadness, loneliness, fear… They all count. What you must know is that someone around you wants to be the one you count on and turn too if you need support, they’re waiting should you need them, so use them. Never suffer alone.


Not all progress can be shared and portrayed visually on social media. Visual progress most often get’s the most attention and applause which is understandable, but equally a great shame because progress is achieved in many forms through many different means for many different people.

Recognition of effort and achievement is often overlooked and discounted just because it can’t be seen and isn’t portrayed by an attention grabbing image of comparison. Furthermore, progress and achievement that cannot be physically seen are equally as relevant, as personal, as impressive and unquestionably as important as any and we need to be mindful, to be present, to be aware, and to be actively supporting those around us pursuing and progressing with their own personal goals, also.

Perspective plays a vital role here. We need to slightly switch our perspective from solely applauding the “amount of change/progress” made to recognising and applauding the “amount of effort” put in consistently during the process and the bravery and courage it takes just, solely, to begin! For all the attention, recognition and applause we dish out for physical transformation and physical progress, imagine the positive impact the same levels of support and recognition would have on people battling through and working on the folllwing:

Guilt-free eating

Caring less about the opinions of others

Feeling less intimidated in public

Adapting to change in routine

Personal relationship issues

Returning to work/exercise while grieving

Improving and gaining confidence

Improving and gaining strength

Guilt-free socialising (Covid permitting! 🤪)


Accepting and understanding any figure on the scales

Parenting for the first time (or 2nd, or 3rd…)

Beginning councilling/opening up to someone

Holding yourself accountable

Seeking help for any type of issue

A nugget of encouragement and support mid process is far more impactful than that received after one is complete. Remember that. 🤘💯

Stay safe ❤🖤

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Einstein said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” For many, this accurately describes the annual merry-go-round experience of setting NY’s resolutions in early January but ultimately losing momentum and interest by the middle of February as your efforts dwindle and rapidly fade away.

January is commonly oozing with enthusiasm, it’s wall to wall “positive vibes” and “fresh starts” on social media and the “New Year, New Me” brigade are in full swing 🙈 Motivation is high, and although all the above play their part and provide encouragement to some, why is it that every single year, by middle-late February efforts dwindle, we fall into a disheartening mindset, goals are abandoned and the annual cycle just repeats itself, again and again.

Maybe it’s because your approach and mentality are initially incorrect. Maybe your perspective is skewed. Perhaps a shift in focus and reshuffling your priorities can help. Here’s what I’d advise and suggest:

1. Forget perfection – it doesn’t exist. You cannot be perfect but you can be perfectly consistent. ANY goal is within your reach and abilities if you’re consistent. Don’t allow the impossible chase of perfection to interfere with your consistent effort. Consistency > Perfection.

2. Momentum has a much longer shelf life than motivation. You can become de-motivated just as quick as you can become motivated – it’s completely unreliable, long-term. Momentum attracts progress, but it must be earned. Momentum > Motivation.

3. Over thinking always delays starting. “Doing” is hugely productive. Thinking about, and planning what to do is massively unproductive, in comparison. By doing nothing, by not starting, you’ve failed. Just begin because as soon as you do, you propel from nothing to a work in progress. Action > Overthinking.

Often the most straight forward and simplistic tweaks can develop into the most monumental, effective strides forward. May 2021 be the year that you break the frustrating cycle of repetitive goal setting and reach and exceed your full potential. 🤘

Stay safe! ❤🖤



Strangely, as I publish this article today, the emotions I experienced and felt announcing my new business and sharing my vision with the world, three years ago, are also present once again. Nervous. Anxious. Stressed. Fear of the the unknown. Uncertainty. At times, I’ve struggled to accept the current climate and it’s drastic negative impact on our business. At times, even just for the length of a random thought, I’ve dreaded today. The enormous highs and powerful bursts of positivity, pride, delight and celebration overshadowed by an intense gloom, deflation and nervousness.

However, I also write today with an imensely overwhelming feeling of gratitude and good fortune. I’d have no shyness in stating that I’ve worked diligently and extremely hard over the past 3.5 years to build what I have today, but a person can work hard and be unlucky, be given no opportunity. Hard work and dedication is a primary ingredient in any recipe for achievement but without luck or good fortune it cannot guarantee you success. I’m proud of the part I’ve played but I’m forever indebted to the people and opportunities I’ve been blessed with.

The people. Be it starting a business, completing a degree, winning a championship, raising a child, beating an addiction, it absolutey does not matter what the goal is – what all these examples have in common is that they all heavily rely on a strong and reliable support system to be achieved. The people around you are fundamentally vital to achieveing anything. Our business and my progress, to date, is no different.

To Mark, Ali, Keelan + Colin, you all know I hold you in the highest regard. You all individually personify what a genuine, kind, hard working person should be. Collectively you are the back bone of this great little business. Thank you! â¤ï¸ðŸ–¤ To my Mum, Dad & Katie. There is no business and no 3 year anniversary without you. I’ll continue to work as hard as I can to repay you for a lifetime of love and support. Thank you. â¤ï¸ðŸ–¤ To our friends, families, clients and colleagues. To our online friends and followers and to everyone who’s ever even just said “Hello!” Thank you! â¤ï¸ðŸ–¤

If the next three bring even a fraction of joy, fullfillment and friendship that the last three have brought, I cannot wait to be a part of it!

A heartfelt Thank You to one and all! â¤ï¸ðŸ–¤ We can’t wait to see you all very soon!

Mind yourselves, mind each other!

Stay safe!



– Lockdown is not a weight loss competition

– Lockdown is not a productivity competition

– Movement is vitally important. Don’t stress over gym closures or gym equipment, or lack of. You need ZERO equipment to squat, lunge, walk, run and jump. Keep moving.

– Social media is great. It’s also an absolute curse at times. If you need a break, take it. Delete some apps for a week, two weeks. Don’t worry, it’ll still be there when you login again and guess what, you’ll miss out on absolutely NOTHING.

– Communication and social interaction is our most under-utilised, under-appreciated ability as human beings.

– A text is great. But to check in with somebody effectively, ring or video-call to communicate.

– I’ve never taken who and what I have in my life for granted, ever. But I never realised how much I relied on them.

– Downtime and rest is OK. It can actually take some getting used to for some, but it’s not a negative if you slow down a little during this pandemic.

– Some individuals are excellent at being productive, sharing content and lifting spirits amidst this pamdemic. Encourage them, applaud them and interact with them.

– Others, with the best intentions, and through no fault of their own have reacted differently and have been quieter than usual possibly, a little lost at times and anxious. Be patient, understanding and supportive with them. They’re trying and doing what they can, just as much as everyone else.

– If you won the lotto in the morning, you could do close to nothing with your cash, if you could even collect it in the first place! Your health matters. It matters above all else. No money or possessions come close.

Mind yourselves, mind each other.
Stay safe! â¤ï¸ðŸ–¤


This is completely new territory for some, including myself, and can take time to adapt to. Be patient and allow yourself time to implement the relevant changes to your usual routine. Here’s what I’ve found helpful:

  1. Organisation and structure. If you have a regular routine, aim to follow it as best you can. Rise at the same time, shower and grab a nice coffee. Productivity is the aim of the game here. Usual/normal eating patterns and nutrition habits are highly encouraged. Avoid convenience food by prepping/cooking meals regularly, just like before. STAY HYDRTAED. And stay occupied and entertained also to avoid emotional eating. 🍴🧠
  2. Scheduling is important. Pencil in regular breaks based on your usual working day. Take the same approach for finishing times. If you usually finish at 5pm, then working from home finishes at 5pm and you log off till tomorrow. Fill your evenings with exercise, Netflix, reading and catching up with family and friends. Side-note: Choose one reliable media/source of information that you trust and avoid the rest. 💯
  3. Get enough fresh air/daylight. We are facing the possibility of a scenario where we are forced to remain within the four walls of our homes, complete isolation. Thankfully, that is not the case today. The most underutilised opportunity every one of us has, every single day, is to get outdoors and walk, breathe in some fresh air and clear our busy minds a little, even if just for 20/30 minutes daily. If you usually commute to work, and are working from home, use that commute time for your walk. Alternatively use your lunch breaks after you eat. Take the classic “Earphones in, World out!” approach and get some steps in outdoors. 🎧👌 Did I mention I have a podcast with 5 great episodes to choose from? 🤣
  4. Communication. Often and regularly. This doesn’t have to be in person, that’s what we must remember! We all love to catch up with friends, family and colleagues. We naturally love a catch-up, a gossip and a good laugh. We’ve never had so many options at our disposal to stay connected e.g. WhatsApp, Skype, FaceTime. Yes, social distancing is in place, but social interaction is vitally important to our wellbeing and mental health — Reach out, check in, communicate and have a good chat with those closest to you, just like before. 🙌

Tag your colleagues, anybody working from home, or in isolation who this might help! ❤️🖤 I’m sure they’ll thank you later for the few minutes of distraction! 🤣

And guys, if you need us, we are here for you! I can’t emphasise that enough and as I’ve mentioned to many of you privately, don’t be shy – PLEASE reach out if you need ANYTHING! ❤️🖤

Mind yourselves. Mind each other.

Stay safe! ❤️




A week ago today, I made the difficult but responsible decision to close our doors in Ballincollig and Glanmire. As many have pointed out to me since, we were one of the very first to make such a decision and I’m very proud of this. Nothing short of an overwhelming outburst of support, well wishes, kindness, advice and encouragement followed next, and this for sure, I will never, ever forget.

We celebrate three wonderful years in business in May but today our doors are locked. It’s seven days later and the future of our business is still completely unknown. It’s likely I could reflect and write again at four weeks later, maybe eight weeks later, maybe longer, and still only have the same to say. I feel it’s the unknown is causing such severe anxiety and fear amongst the public and business owners. Naturally a “glass half full” kind of man, I am remaining positive but a part of me is definitely avoiding acknowledging what’s happened, what’s happening and what’s yet to unfold. It’s a nerve-wrecking head space to find myself in, and a scary thought process. To meet me on the streets or chat here on Instagram or Facebook, I’m in good spirits but I’m also nervous and anxious and unsettled.

All that said, and to allow that same “glass half full” man to have his say, and even the scale a little, I’ve learned a lot about my circle, my community, my county and my country in the past seven days. Most of what I’ve learned has always been right there staring back at me but I was too ignorant, too self-centred and too stupid to see it and acknowledge it. With the utmost respect to you, the reader, I wonder how many of you can relate, even partly, perhaps? The unfoldings of the past week have challenged us both individually and collectively and with little to no warning, our routines, schedules, structures, patterns, plans and events were heavily disrupted and impacted. However, it’s what’s followed the outbreak that’s sparked a great sense of pride, positivity and encouragement within me – our prompt and direct reaction. Here’s what I always knew before but now have a new found sense of perspective, gratification and admiration for, following recent events:

The doctors, nurses, consultants and careworkers of this country are the very strong, sturdy and most reliable back bone of this country. They are extra ordinarily brave, courageous, generous people. They are unique and one of a kind. We need to treasure them and reward them, richly. They wear scrubs and gowns and they Are heroes.

Our shop assistants, chemists, bus-drivers, delivery-drivers, guards and firefighters deserve enormous credit. Front-line workers dealing with the public through long hours and long shifts, all-the-while carrying the same burdens, stresses, fear and anxiety as the rest of us. We undoubtedly take them for granted but they deserve huge acknowledgement and reward.

History has thought us that the Goverment of Ireland are a mixed bunch. Irish Goverment and Irish politics, from my very limited knowledge on the topics, are games of opinion, debate and negotiation. In this instance however, there’s no debate. We have been, and continue to be, represented and served well in light of current circumstances. The Goverment have acted effectively and efficiently and have been honest. Granted I feel it’s the least we deserve but we got it and credit where it’s due.

Our teachers and educators have lead in an exemplary manner. I have seen first hand many offering their expertise and assistance in an online capacity, free of charge. A teacher carries a sincere and genuine, natural, kindness and generosity. Ironically, something you probably can’t teach!

The Irish spirit is alive and well amidst a very serious crisis. We see endless examples every day. Pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants made difficult decisions to close, graciously accepting the consequences, to protect us. Coach’s, comedians and musicians are keeping us active, entertained and keeping us occupied and distracted when we need it most, again free of charge. Local organisers thought outside the box for St. Patrick’s Day and arranged “in-car parades” for children and parents to attend, a first of it’s kind from my knowledge. We have Banks and Landlords freezing and capping rents and mortgage payments and this all needs to be commended.

Above all, we are all in this together, and can only find a resolution and overcome this, together. Play your part. Follow the simple HSE and Government instructions. Communicate and check in, where possible, with family and friends. Do the same with neighbours and even with online friends, who usually, you might only say hello to in passing. Otherwise, be patient. Stay active and keep your mind occupied and entertained. We can and will get through this tough time.

We can and will get through this tough time.

Mind yourselves. Mind each other. â¤ï¸ðŸ–¤



From an outsider looking in, it seems for many sports clubs and teams around the country coaching sessions nowadays are more effectively and efficiently structured, planned and carried out. With much more emphasis on set play rehearsals, real game scenarios and well thought out drills, cardio vascular training, conditioning and flexibility. Appropriate match day nutrition and hydration, however, for many, still seems to be a little behind the times. How many of you are still “re-fuelling” solely on a very heavily endorsed and incredibly well marketed (at the time) isotonic drink that “keeps you going 33% longer?” (I lived on the stuff through college – it is Very tasty!)

Getting your nutrition right on match day alone will not make up for poor nutrition in the lead up to the match. Pre-match day (days leading up to a match) eating habits along with adequate hydration are key. Here’s what you should consider around match day and (pre-match) nutrition and hydration:

  1. Water intake. Don’t over-do it. Drinking too much water is a genuine concern. Over-consumption can cause the dilution of salt in your blood. Approx. 50-60mls per Kg of body-weight is an accurate guideline.
  2. With match day nutrition in mind, your nutrition focus needs to begin in the days leading up to the day of the event. Low GI carbohydrates are a good start. The usual go-to’s won’t see you wrong here – oats, whole grains, rice, pastas etc. Their role is to ensure adequate levels of muscle glycogen are achieved. The idea being that while training is tapered down the closer you get to match day, the muscle and liver glycogen is saturated. In turn, ensuring above adequate “fuel”/ energy levels on match day.
  3. Nutrition for recovery after a match or an event is equally as important. Never skip eating post-match to go analyse your performance or meet the team for a drink. By all means do them, but eat first!! Always, eat first! Think easily digestible and foods the body can quickly absorb. Fruit – Cereals – Flavoured milk/juice.
  4. The morning of the game. Anticipation is in full swing. Nerves are present. Regardless, you MUST eat. Easily digestible foods. Work back from the start of the game to plan when you will eat. Give Plenty time for digestion. Oats – Muesli – Fruit work well.
  5. For a late throw-in/kick off. Take a similar approach, working back from the start of the match to plan what and when you’ll eat. Don’t leave it to chance. Preparation is key. Earlier meals can be high carb, medium-low fat, medium protein. As you get closer to match time, final meal pre-match, introduce easily digestible foods again. Fruit  – Rice cakes

Like anything diet/nutrition related, individual preference and taste accounts for 100% of your food choices. The above is set out just as a guide to follow or to adapt incorporating your own food choices and preferences, likes and dislikes.